Glenside Local:
Winter Fest Photos

December 1, 2018

Winter Fest - Glenside - Santa Claus - Two.jpg

 Santa Claus was greeted by members of the Cheltenham Township Police Department.

Winter Fest - Glenside - Santa Claus - Three.jpg

Firefighters helped Santa Claus at the Winter Fest in Glenside.

Christmas Tree - Glenside.jpg

The Christmas Tree Lighting is now set for 5:15 PM tomorrow, December 2nd.

The tree lighting "was scheduled for last weekend but due to bad weather we had to cancel," explained Cheltenham Township Commissioner Drew Sharkey.  "We wanted to do it [today], but again the weather does not seem to be cooperating;  Sunday appears to be the only day with fairly decent weather."



The photographs are provided courtesy of Cheltenham Township Commissioner Drew Sharkey, 2018.