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The Freedom Valley Chronicles:
Maple Hill

“During recent months, there has been much attention at the potential development of a Corson Homestead in Whitemarsh Township. The focus has been on the property located at Butler Pike and Germantown Pike in Plymouth Meeting.

“But there were two other Corson Homesteads in Whitemarsh Township. One – the Alan Corson Homestead – was developed in recent years as Whitemarsh Station. The second – the Hiram Corson Homestead – is now in the process of being developed as Maple Hill.”

Sal Paone Builder


The logo of the Centre Square Fire Company is provided courtesy of that organization.

The first photo of Abolition Hall and Maulsby Barn is provided courtesy of Mr. Roy Wilson, 2018.

The second photograph of Abolition Hall is provided courtesy of Dr. Hiram Corson, 1906.

The map is provided courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of Conversation and Natural Resources, 2018.

The logo of Wikipedia is provided courtesy of that organization.

The logo of Sal Paone Builder is provided courtesy of that business.


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